Anne painting2.jpg

My artwork, for the most part, is grounded in nature. It is there that I find beauty, design, meaning and solace. Always looking, I’m waiting for that moment of visual impact that will initiate an idea for the next painting. It is often the visceral, gut reaction I have to color, light and composition that propels me to paint. 


Initially, I like to paint fast to get at the emotional aspect of what is before me. These days, I’m less interested in depicting reality, but rather exploring the emotional underpinning of the original attraction. Banking on years of looking at art and painting, I’ve gained greater confidence to act on my intuition. When painting, I recognise that it is usually the initial brush strokes and mark making that are often the best. Over time I have learned to slow down after the first attempt and pay closer attention as to what to keep and what to alter. Ultimately, the aim is to find that space between the rational mind and the intuitive response. When all is said and done, I simply love to paint.